About Sasquatch

The Sasquatch Board Game Festival is an annual invitational board game convention held at a hotel near downtown Bellevue Washington. It spans five days each year in early November shortly following the Essen Spiel game fair held in Essen, Germany each October. Gaming is available for 24-hours per day over a five day period beginning Wednesday morning and ending late Sunday.  Sasquatch was launched in 2010 by Jennifer Geske and friends and has been held each year since then. In 2014, the event will be held October 29th through November 2nd. We expect to have approximately 140 to 150 festival goers.

The Sasquatch festival sends someone to Essen Spiel each year to bring back a huge haul of the newest, hottest European / designer board games. Sasquatch Festival attendees have the opportunity to play these games several months earlier than possible otherwise. Many games sell out at Essen and are not available again for months afterward even if you are willing to pay to import them. 

Sasquatch consists mostly of open play of Euro-style board games, but attendees are free to organize games to be played at specific times. This often helps with longer or more complex games.

Sasquatch also offers various special events such as a hosted game show, live interactive fiction, a virtual flea market, Artemis starship simulator sessions, a puzzlehunt event, and more. In addition, your Sasquatch registration includes snacks and light meals offered to Sasquatch attendees by the hotel throughout the festival.

Sasquatch requires an invitation because we want everyone who attends to know each other, if not directly, then through a mutual friend. This helps to build a community of people who enjoy playing games together. Also, since everyone knows each other, we are able to make board games available for play without having a formal library and game checkout procedure. Because Sasquatch is an invitational, we do not advertise it in public forums.

Anyone who has already been invited and who has registered to attend Sasquatch may invite their friends to register and attend as well. If you would like to be invited, but do not know anyone who is attending Sasquatch, attend one of Sasquatch's free game days and speak with Jennifer Geske, the organizer / founder of the Sasquatch Board Game Festival